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Available in english:

The Carolingians: A Family Who Forged Europe

"Invaluable to those who need to disentangle the complex family relationships of those who controlled much of Europe for so many centuries."American Historical Review

trans. Michael Idomir Allen (Philadelphia, feb.1993)

Other editions:

-(Paperback - March 1993) 
-(Hardcover - March 1993) 

Education et culture dans l'Occident Medieval

(Collected Studies : Volume 420) 
(Hardcover - September 1993)

Daily life in the world of Charlemagne

with expanded footnotes by Pierre Riche ;
translated, with an introduction, by Jo Ann McNamara

[Philadelphia 1978] : University of Pennsylvania Press, 1988. 
(Series: Middle Ages.)

Other editions:
-(Paperback - March 1988)

-(Hardcover - Dec 1978)

Education and culture in the barbarian West:
From the Sixth Through the Eighth Century

trans. John J. Contreni
translated from t# 1st ed.
     Columbia : University of South Carolina Press, 1976.

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